Lavina Kent „Tangled in Sin“ (Bound and Determined #5) 5***** @LaviniaKent

32287534.jpg*I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

This is one of those books you cannot put aside. In the beginning, during the first few pages, I wasn’t sure where this might go because I didn’t read the plot outline. Anyway, in the very beginning, when Sin, Lady Cynthia Westhope, visits her best youth friend in Madame Blanche’s, one of the top brothels in London, I thought in the beginning that it’s about Madame Blanche’s and indirectly it is but not really.

The whole book is about social constraints. What society does to a young unmarried woman who gets pregnant because there weren’t too many options but in any case, the baby wouldn’t be raised by her but given to a foreigner. And she’d be married to a man who’d be willing to oversee her not existing virginity. But Madame Blanche never wanted to give her daughter up …

Jasmine, Madame Blanche, has a loving brother – James, the second son of the Duke of Scarlet – who wants her back with the family and he’d give up her happiness and live with her daughter just to see her socially restored because the ton is already talking. So he arranges Jasmine to be kidnapped, the only problem is that he isn’t kidnapping Jasmine but Sin because the young woman is wearing Jasmine’s white coat. And when he finds the girl abandoned in the sheppard’s cottage he doesn’t remember her so he takes some liberties with her, takes her virginity.

However, he puts Sin into the same position his sister was, she could be with child. Of course, the storyline doesn’t end here.



I really enjoyed this storyline and I think my favorite side character wasn’t even Jasmine but Aunt Prudence and her over 90 years of wisdom. She was fun, real fun.

Next to that James really went through a lot of character development in my opinion. In the beginning, he was only thinking of what the ton thinks about how this would influence his father and brother because the Duke of Scarlet isn’t the “nicest” person. But he learns what a unmarried woman has to face when a man decides to  (maybe) impregnate her.


Well done! Rating: 5*****

PS: As much as I like the cover of the book it doesn’t fit the story at all.

Alexandra Hawkins: Waiting For an Earl Like You (Masters of Seduction #3) -5* @lordsofvice

*I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


I already read a few of Alexandra Hawkins books and I liked them all qui29875932.jpgte well but I really enjoyed reading this one. Well, honestly said I couldn’t put it aside. It was quite a different storyline – it’s the story of Justin and Gideon, identical twins. Justin, the Earl of Kempthorn, so shortened “Thorn” and Gideon, the long “lost” son (hetravelled and made a fortune) who just returned. Both are helpless rakes but Justin is the serious one while Gideon likes the play with the female gender.

One day, the Netherwoods, the twins’ parents, gave a return party for Gideon, Thorn finds Gideon on a boat with the neighbor’s daughter Olivia. Olivia has always been smitten to Gideon because he knew how to play her, while Justin had always been watching them. A small mishap makes all three of them taking a bath in the lake …

Next to all that Olivia’s father wants to remarry a lady Olivia isn’t very fond of (well, whoever likes a stepmother?), plus the lady wants to marry her off, nevertheless she is old enough to take a husband. The girl likes the country, her flower collection and manages her father’s household well. But she has to go to London have a season. Since her father is kept on the countryside she travels with Thorn’s parents and the twins, lives in a townhouse next to Thorn and Gideon which is only separated by an iron gate.

The twins always liked to play a prank on one or the other person by changing personality, because it is impossible to tell them apart.

I really loved this book because the dialogues were fierce and the leads were equal – Olivia and Thorn are so much the same but she is played badly by him and I am not sure if I wouldn’t have tried to hit him really hard with an umbrella or something like that. I mean he kissed her and let her think that he is his brother Gideon.

Maybe the kidnapping in the end was a little bit over the top but I didn’t care.

In the beginning it took me quite some time to get into the story because I wasn’t sure if it is not Gideon who makes people think he is Justin or the other way around – especially if it came to Olivia.


It’s one of the books I finish at 1:30am with the knowledge that I have to get up at 6.


Amelia Grey: Last Night with the Duke (The Rakes of St. James #1) #ameliagrey #regencyromance #netgalley

30078642.jpgThis is one of those books you cannot put aside. I loved Esmeralda (always makes me think of the „The Hunchback of Notre-Dame“ with Maureen O’Hara). I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and this one is an easy 5-star-thingie.


Esmeralda Swift, the granddaughter of an aristocrat, lives with her sister over the agency for governesses and so on. She sees herself as an independent woman and too intelligent to fall for a scoundrel. She also has to care for her (half-) sister Josephine and their dog Napoleon (- loved this wordplay!)

When the Duke of Griffin finds his way into her agency in search for a chaperone for his twin sisters he sees her and knows that he must have her for all it takes. And it takes a lot of compromises because Esmeralda doesn’t want to be a chaperone.

Of course she falls for him and of course he falls for her but he doesn’t know about her family ties to a baronet but think her working class and as soon as she is in his employment he knows that he isn’t allowed to touch her – it’s something he doesn’t do, force himself on employees.

Nevertheless, sooner or later things turn around and they are allowed to be in love.

So, what was so good about this story? Esmeralda and Griffin are equals, they love to discuss and fight. Next to all this I didn’t care about the background story of the “Rakes of St. James” a lot in the beginning because it wasn’t explained but further on you also dip into this one because you know that there are the other rakes and their stories will eventually be in the center of Grey’s next books (wild guess!). Plus, there are the funny twins and their ongoing arguments and aunt Evelyn who pulls all the ties in the background (because of her illnesses) and not to forget Napoleon and Josephine – I liked the fact that Josephine grew up so much over the short period of the story – maybe a little too much.

All in all … loved it!

Pamela Sherwood „Devices & Desires“ (The Lyons Pride #1.0) – 5* – @pamela_sherwood

29012131.jpg*I got this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

As it seems this was my first Pamela Sherwood novel and it’s the first in the “The Lyons Pride” series with the title “Devices & Desires”. Let’s say that the title more looks like a working title to me and not really a title for a novel when you bring it out. But let’s not judge the cover by its book.

In the beginning, I was somehow not really getting into the story because it the way it’s written. I am not native English, it is my second language and I am a steady learner of new vocabulary but I only worked my way through the first 50 pages because I have a dictionary installed on my kindle. It felt like reading Anna Karenina in English again because I ran out of books and still had it installed.

Nevertheless, I loved the story. Lady Margaret is a young widow and is waiting at Lord Gervase Lyon’s house to talk with him about the invitation she got for Christmas from his family. A family she hasn’t seen in ages, since her former finance, Gervase’s oldest brother, the heir, died. And now they are asked to come back, all together to celebrate Christmas like in the old days.

Gervase, who always had a thing for Margaret, wants to go to France for Christmas, to meet his mother who seldom spends time in England since her oldest son died. But Margaret informs him that she also will be at the family residence, together with all the siblings …

This sounds so simple now but it isn’t. The story is about intrigues and long forgotten alliances, about love and passion, anxiety and hope. It’s a story you cannot put aside.

What I liked best?

Maybe the relationship between the parents and that there was so much depth in it, that they had a reason for all the intrigues and alliances they were looking for. And of course, Margaret, and her realization how she feels about Gervase. But I also enjoyed the description of the rooms – especially Margaret’s tower room. And the way Sherwood let them travel – this very “modern” and fashionable way.

Short: 5*****

Bianca Blythe „A Rogue to Avoid“ (#2 Matchmaking for Wallflowers“ – 3***

*I got this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

In the beginning I wasn’t sure if this was my first Bianc32060098.jpga Blythe novel but when I looked her up on Goodreads, I realized that it wasn’t. This novel “A Rogue to Avoid” is the 2nd book in the “Matchmaking for Wallflowers” series and I read both books (#0,5 and #01) too.

Anyway, this novel starts very well with a correspondence between the Gerard Highgate, Marquess of Rockport and the “Matchmaking of Wallflowers” (paper) because he wants to be taken off the list of eligible bachelors. He doesn’t want to get married, not yet at least.

The female lead is Lady Cordelia who already was engaged three times and still isn’t married nor 21. She’s the perfect, absolute appropriate young lady, with the lovely nickname “The Ice Queen”. This season she spends most of her time during those famous balls sitting next to the wallflowers, looking at the men who glance at her before they talk to others and stop looking.

Because of some money Rockport doesn’t have he tries to hide at a private ball, wearing absolutely inappropriate cloths and muddy Hessians. He tries to hide form Oggleton, who wants one of his fingers because he doesn’t have the money his mother owes. And Oggleton isn’t one of those nice and forthcoming guys, he even murders if people do not pay their depts. So he hide in a better way he asks Lady Cordelia to dance with him …


The novel starts slowly and it’s a nice read with all the dialogues. My favorite part is when Cordelia climbs down the tree in front of her window, to spy on her father and Oggleton, rides astride to “save” Gerard.

Up from the point where they are in Gretna Green or try to make people believe that they are already a married couple the story telling gets kind of boring. It didn’t slow down but it got kind of strange. First, she doesn’t want to marry him than suddenly she tells him that she is in love with him – hell, that just happened – and she wants to lose her virginity to him. Second there is more than one blacksmith in Gretna Green, so why not get married somewhere else but flee to a shop? Third, when her parents are so horrible, why does she even speak to her father or/and her mother?

And there was the story around Rockport’s mother. Okay, she was married twice. Her first husband kills himself because of her affairs, that’s why Rockport doesn’t have a good relationship to her. But then she marries the man who she had the affair with, they get at least two boys and he loves them so much, that he even hides their mother’s financial problems from them. Why? If it was his mother’s fault that his father killed himself, why does he try to hide her negative habits from his brothers?

It’s a nice novel but well … only 3 stars!

Jess Michaels „A Summer to Surrender“ (Season #4) @jessmichaelsbks – 5*****

As soon as I saw that there is a new Jess Michaels book out on Netgalley, I knew that I need it. And fortunately, I could get it in exchange to an honest review. And here I am now.

“A Summer to Surrender” is the 3rd installment in the “Season” series by Jess. And it is one of those books where you should read the whole series to get all the details right. It’s a rather short book, only a little over 200 pages – unfortunately.

It’s the story of Lucian and Elise – everybody who read the first book, “An Affair in Winter”, knows who those two are. Lucian is the one who nearly got married to Rosalinde, now his sister in law (married to Grayson Danford, his brother). Weiterlesen

Brownwen Evans „A Night of Forever ( #6 The Disgraced Lord) 5* – @bronwenevans_NZ

28813971.jpgOh, how much I love Bronwen Evans books, unbelievle.
This novel is the next installment of the „Libertine Scholars“ series, a series of books about unusual love and unusual commitments. It is one of those books you really have to read in the correct order, so the story makes sense.
This time its about Lady Isobel, a very headstrong young lady who wants to show the Libertine Scholars that she isnt in union with her evil stepmother Victoria. And about Arend and his dark background. He has huge trust issues because of what has happened to him in the past. Isobel on the other sides wants the trust of the Libertine Scholars because their wifes are very important to her, they are her friends. Nevertheless she lost her mother as a child and her father a few years ago in a fire – and she knows that this hasnt been an accident but it was murder and that Victoria was involved.

Its a story of trust and misstrust, passion, love and action – there are fights, abductions, pain …. A must read for everybody who loves a good mix of tension and lust.